How are you staying on track?

How are you staying on track?

During these uncertain times, it is unequivocally easy to lose focus on our goals we created, prior to COVID-19. Understandably, without our ‘normal’ day-to-day routine, our goals/aspirations seem to feel further out of reach then when we started. Whether these goals are focused around losing weight, gaining weight, becoming overall healthier, creating new habits, these goals all need accountability and motivation to continue the journey we began before this pandemic. The question is, now that we are all settling into what we are labelling as the new ‘normal’ are you still on track with your original goal you set out to achieve?

With the new normal setting in, most of us are working from home and now getting use to being home majority of the day. It is therefore easy to form new habits, and these may be beneficial to our goals but could also negatively impact them.

For example, now you have much more time at home, you have more time available to snack and cook. While this is an awesome way to bond with the family, relieve stress and enjoy some time creating yummy meals, this can start to get excessive in terms of caloric intake and intern create a negative habit when overeating starts to become the new norm.

To stay accountable regarding diet, I would personally be struggling with overeating/time consuming cooking if I were cooking and preparing all my meals, just because I am home more often than before. GMD are allowing me to keep on my normal clock in terms of lunch breaks and portion sizing. If I find myself still hungry later, I know the kitchen is still there. But because I haven’t spent more than 5 minutes in the kitchen heating up my meal, it helps me to stay on track with my daily intake and daily work.

Just because we are at home more often than we were before, and we have more time to cook and create meals does not necessarily mean we should, this may turn into a bad habit/s. Cooking these meals during work days at home is time consuming and can be a way of procrastination. It may also lead us off track in our long-term goals. To keep on top of your work day and your ‘regular’ routine, it is best to keep up the most ‘normal’ characteristics of our day. If you’re looking to increase your cooking to fill in some gaps and to fulfil enjoyment of some of your new-found time, baking can become your best friend. You can create many amazing snacks, my favourites being from that of the Macro Mike range, whom provide vegan friendly plant based recipes. These are available locally from the GMD ordering site (more stock coming soon!), with this new found time, these are a must try! They will also help you to stay accountable and on track, no matter what your goals may be. 

Stay Safe Everyone!!


Bec Bennett

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