Staying active around Canberra

Staying active around Canberra

Ah what a time to be alive!! Lockdown is hitting most of us Canberrans pretty hard by now and I know it’s tough. Try to remind yourself that this is temporary, things will return back to normal, how you are feeling, will pass, that doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant, just a way to ease your mind! We are best off trying to make the best out of our situations at the moment. Some simple tasks/ideas to give a go off, if you haven’t already: read a book you’ve been meaning too, practice your mobility/stretching, reach out/facetime family and friends, walk various tracks around Canberra, ride a bike, go for a picnic! The list could go on. However, whatever is going to work best for you.

During lockdown last year I spoke a lot about tips and tricks around dieting and food whilst in lockdown. Now I can understand after having been in lockdown for 4 weeks, you may be approaching that stage of feeling like you are in a rut, or have gained ‘covid weight’, my response is that it’s not too late to start now, to get into a routine, to implement some habits that can help through what will hopefully be the back end of lockdown. This could be simply getting yourself up earlier, and moving your body -10-15minute walk would suffice! From there, you can either have a structured approach (this will more so depend on your working situation), or alternatively, go with the flow and be easy on yourself (but this does not mean go crazy with your intake and eat and bake everything in the pantry). I could go on and on about this, and I am happy to! But, I am sure Instagram has you covered.

Today, I actually wanted to talk about my recent found love for cycling around the amazing roads of Canberra! I have been scooting around mainly central Canberra so far, and can honestly say it will be my highlight of this lockdown. Just being outside, not necessarily running or walking – the normal go tos during isolation. Road cycling has been so much fun, has been an awesome form of exercise and a great way to get out of the house, and even ride with friends-at a safe distance of course!

Obviously, this does require a bike, which if you don’t already have, does require you to purchase a bike. I’d recommended firstly buying a second-hand bike to see if you enjoy cycling, and if you do get into it, upgrade and enjoy!! I am sure you have been aiming to complete some at home workouts too. My best advice for these, if you aren’t tuning into HIIT REPUBLIC live workouts, ensure you set yourself a time to complete your home workouts, and be diligent with this. Don’t put it off, get up and get it done!

I honestly have so much I would love to talk about, within these circumstances and even outside of! So I would love to know what you would prefer to hear from me in my next blog from the following:

  • Baking-how to stay on track and enjoy baking at home
  • Should I be counting calories if I am struggling to stay on track while at home?
  • Advice/recommendations on meals to implement and stay consistent with
  • How to ease back into gym life when gyms return-inclusive of introducing / changing diet when life goes ‘back to normal’
  • Body weight workouts-are they effective, how many should you be doing?
  • Any other requests!

Let Bec know via our feedback form

- Bec B


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