Fat doesn’t make you fat!

Fat doesn’t make you fat!

Following from a previous blog that touched on carbohydrates, the importance of them, their diversity and what we label as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ carbs, it only seemed fitting to go over another macronutrient, fats!

Now…if there were so many deceptive ‘facts’ surrounding carbohydrates, I have heard many, many regarding fats. The main one being that consuming fats, makes you fat.

Lets get one thing straight, this is the same in relation to carbohydrates and many foods, you will ONLY gain weight when you OVERCONSUME foods. Overconsumption of various fats and carbohydrates exceeding that of what you need to meet your daily energy needs will in turn increase your overall body fat percentage. In other words, you will exceed your daily individual food requirements. However, consuming cheeses, avocados, nuts, milk, and many other sources of fats, will not increase your body fat until you constantly consume too much.

What is too much?

‘Too much’ or ‘overconsumption’ arises when we consume food excessively, that puts us in a constant surplus rather than equal or deficit. We can go in to a surplus when consuming ANY FORM OF FOOD! It doesn’t necessarily mean carbohydrates/fats, but in most cases these sources are commonly found within the types of food that we can eat large quantities of. E.g. sugary drinks, most pizzas, white bread, fruit juices, some breakfast cereals, fried, grilled or broiled food, pastries, cookies and cakes, French fries and potato chips, processed meats, “low” carb/fat junk food, processed cheese, the list goes on…

Something that all these foods have in common is that none are single ingredient foods. This means they have been altered in one way or another, weather that is by stripping the original source of food of its nutrients or adding excessive amounts of sugars/saturated fats to enhance taste and many other factors that encourage us to want to eat large quantities of such foods.

I have gone over ‘good vs bad’ fats/carbs in previous blogs so if you would like to know specifically more around which foods to avoid, have a read of them!

Basically, when it comes to your fats, the more simple the food, the better (including but not limited to): Avocado, natural nuts (cashews, peanuts, pistachios etc.), unprocessed cheeses (mozzarella, ricotta, feta etc.). eggs, dark choc and fatty fish are the most common single-ingredient fats that can be consumed in large WITHOUT encouraging overall weight gain.

What is the best way to avoid over consumption of fat?

· Consume pre-made foods (recommend to buy from a local brand that you know and trust that has not added excessive nasties to add to taste and in turn enhance the ‘bad fats’ in food) E.g. GMD!!

· Plan out your weekly meals at the beginning of the week and look over overall content of fats

· Choose which fats you would like to mainly consume and eat small quantities of treats or other sources around your main sources!

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