Way back at the end of 2017 Rohan & Sasha made their first order of GMD and have become regular customers ever since. Both are busy professionals who live active lifestyles, using our meals to save them time and fuel their working weeks.

Rohan "I was always a hefty kid and by 15 I had hit triple digits in my weight and in middle school, kids can be cruel. The bullying did take its mental toll and I dove into comfort eating, at the age of 17, the food turned to alcohol.

When I turned 23 I walked into a small basement gym back home in India. I didn’t dive straight in; it was a slow process for me. At first it was just the atmosphere, being around the bigger guys, chatting with them made me feel like I belonged somewhere. Working out always seemed to be the one thing where I could focus my thoughts and emotions into a singular activity without my mind running wild. The gym became and still is a refuge for me. Its not a place I go to socialize as much as it is a place for me to center myself for the day ahead or gather my thoughts at the end of days work."

As I have matured mentally, while results are important and progress is the name of the game, it’s the mental strength it has given that is a big factor for my life and more importantly, my sobriety.

Sasha "I moved to Canberra with my husband Rohan about 4 years ago and we love it here. We have a beautiful home with our two fur babies and hope to be able to grow our little family soon.

When I was younger, I thought running was the only way to exercise. I wouldn’t even lift a dumbbell at the gym because I thought it would make me “bulky” and my goal was to be extremely skinny (shocking!). I started lifting weights and have never looked back since. People always called me small, petite or tiny but I wanted to be called strong! The gym is my go to place whether I have had a really bad day or a great day! 

Both my husband and I are extremely passionate about exercising. We even met at a gym before we got together so I guess the gym does have a special place in our hearts."

What does a day of eating look like to you both?

Rohan "I generally get up by 4.45am every day, I head to gym quite early for anywhere between 1 to 1.5 hours. I get home, and have an egg white, oat and protein powder shake with an apple or some kind of fibrous fruit to set my stomach for the day. I will then generally have a GMD meal around 12.30pm. Around 4pm I will have another shake with some almonds and then by 7.30pm another GMD. 

Sasha "I start my day with a workout around 6.45am . For breakfast, I make a protein shake with NUUT Keto protein powder, some greens, oats , oat milk and ice. That keeps me going till lunch. Lunch and dinners are both a small size GMD. In between both meals, I snack (I love snacking!) . Snacking could include almonds, an apple with peanut butter, some chips , popcorn , a banana with peanut butter. I always spend the day with a couple pieces of chocolate or some healthy-ish cookies which I bake myself.

What do you both do to stay active?

Rohan "Sash and I walk our dog everyday for about 20 minutes, I do a gym workout about 5 times a week and I try and get in some yoga and stretching through the week as well. I recently picked up a boxing bag for the house so I hope I can get some cardio out of that!"

Sasha "I train at the gym 5 days a week and I do one HIIT cardio day at home in between my weight training days. I spend one day of the week stretching . I used to do some aerial / Lyra work and pole dancing until last year and hope to continue that again. I also try and get in a Pilates session when I find the time or want to do something different."

Fav GMD meals?

The Beetroot & Feta Lamb, Soba Salmon, Pesto Chicken Pasta for Sasha and the Cashew Chicken for Rohan.

Why GMD?

Rohan "Besides having met some awesome people, it frees up time for me to spend with my wife. Meal prep was always a challenge for Sasha and I because it took a lot of time during weekends when we would have loved to spend time with each other. So a lot of time we did not prep and that led to unhealthy eating during the week. Eating a well balanced diet can help you get the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your daily activities including regular exercise. For that we depend on GMD. Thank you GMD!"

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