Should You Be Cycling Caffeine?

Should You Be Cycling Caffeine?

Caffeine is without a doubt the most consumed drug on the planet. There are millions of people who can't start a day without their warm hit of morning caffeine (myself included). Caffeine gets students through University and has saved many a person from falling asleep, in desperate times, or even every day at work. There is no disputing it, the world loves its caffeine. The majority of us folk that go to the gym or workout take caffeine for different reasons than the general public. Caffeine is a well known ergogenic aid (something that enhances performance in sport and exercise) and its benefits...

Is Sugar Evil?

Is Sugar Evil?

Sugar faces more accusations and attacks than the most notorious figures in modern world history. Sugar has been held responsible for the obesity epidemic, touted as being more addictive than cocaine, had the finger pointed at it for a myriad of modern health problems and everything in between, but is it deserving? Like most things in life, the answer to this question is not a straight yes or no. Consuming excess sugar has been associated with a lot of negative health impacts. These include, but are not limited to; childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, decreased insulin sensitivity and other nasty things like fatty liver...

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