Red vs white meat

Red vs white meat


A debate that has been going on for a lifetime. Red or white meat? What are the health benefits of each? Why would one be better than the other? What research says about the consumption of each meat…a few things this blog will cover today!


White meat, typically known as chicken and turkey, is known to be the leaner ‘coloured’ meat in the battle between red and white meat. Chicken and turkey are made mostly of protein, with a few fats thrown in there, depending on the cut of meat. While red meat, typically known as beef, pork, lamb etc. generally contains higher amounts of fats (still a high source of protein though), but, comprises a larger number of vitamins e.g. iron, zinc, and B vitamins. Although red meat is found to have higher sources of vitamins and minerals, it has also been known to increase incidence of some cancers, specifically colon/colorectal cancer.

To decrease disadvantages of consuming red meat, try the following tips:

  • Trim fat off meat before cooking
  • Avoid charring meat while cooking
  • Purchase meats from markets/organic brands


Consumption of meat can directly relate back to your personal health goals depending on what you are trying to achieve. Weather it is strength, leanness, increase in mass, loss in fat etc. the type of meat and quantity is a huge factor to achieving your goals. For those aiming to gain lean mass, lean meat will be ideal for your diet. That is, specific cuts of red meat (generally meats that end in –loin), and high consumption of white meat (chicken and turkey), as discussed, as it is the leaner meat that will help you reach your protein goals. 

Ideally, if you eat meat, both red and white meat should be consumed within your diet in proportion. If you are worried about consumption of red meat, limit it (try not to eat excessive amounts of red meat high in fats e.g. some red minces) to about 3-4 times per week. 

Gym Meals Direct offer almost equal amounts to meals of red meat vs white meat. This makes it easy when needing/searching for variety within your meals and the types of meat you’re choosing to consume. You can even arrange your meals in 1:1 ratio if you’re looking to consume equal amounts!! E.g. Lunch - Cottage pie, Dinner – Chicken Soba noodles. Still, if you would like to aim to consume more of one type of meat more than the other, there are various choices to choose from, you will not be limited to one meal weather you choose to consume just white or just read meat. 

*This blog is not diminishing the consumption of any other type of protein, just focusing in on the 2 most common consumed proteins around the globe.

We at Gym Meals Direct hope that you are staying SAFE and WELL during these times, hang in there, we are here for anything you need-mainly yummy, nutritious meals brought to you ;)

- Bec

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