The Best Unconventional Strength Feats

The Best Unconventional Strength Feats

Strength is impressive. If you ever see a huge deadlift, bench press or squat in person, you will no doubt be impressed. If you see a dude loading up the leg press with as many plates as possible and doing quarter reps, you will probably be less impressed. 

Max deadlifts, squats and bench presses and all that are extremely impressive, but they are also pretty commonplace. Sometimes, it's the other amazing feats of strength that these athletes are capable of that are as impressive, if not more. 

Here are some examples. 

Klokov Plate Flips


Dimitry Klokov, former Russian Olympic weightlifter, and now just an all round strong human, excelling at Crossfit and his version called Crosslifting, is one strong person. He can Olympic lift ridiculous amounts of weight as well and deadlift and squat. 

But, for me, some of Klokov's most impressive feats of strength are what he does to train for his main lifts. For example, below is Klokov training his grip strength, just casually flipping 25kg plates.


Klokov - Super Human Back Extensions

Back extensions are a great accessory exercise for building the low back and glutes. Most of us will use body weight, or if we are exceptionally strong, hold some weight for extra resistance.

Klokov, true to his super human status, loads up a bar with a weight that most people use for squats and punches out some reps. 

Mikhail Koklyaev No handed 310 kg squat

Mikhail Koklyaev is a weightlifter, powerlifter and strongman who is well, as you probably expected, extremely strong. 

Most mere mortals wouldn't dream of squatting 310kg. Mikhail can do it with no hands, pretty easily too it seems. 

Konstantin Konstantinovs Ab Rollers

Konstantin is a Latvian powerlifter who holds the record for the biggest deadlift without a belt, at 426kg in 2009. He largely attributes these ungodly ab rollers (seen below from his Instagram) to his success lifting such large weight beltless. Mere mortals struggle with body weight, let alone 90kg on their back. 



Vladislav Rigert 200kg Underwater Clean

Vlad Rigert is son of legendary weightlifting coach David Rigbert. He is also ridiculously strong. 

Cleaning 200kg is no easy feat, the majority would be chuffed with squatting and deadlifting that much weight. Vlad though, he likes to jump in the pool and clean it..

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