Interview With Gym Meals Athlete - Joel Munro

Interview With Gym Meals Athlete - Joel Munro

We support athletes from all different training disciplines. We'd like to welcome Joel Munro to the Gym meals direct team. Joel is a well-rounded athlete who has found his calling in CrossFit, qualifying for the Pacific regionals for the last three years. 

Below we delve into some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding CrossFit, Joel's goals for the future and what inspires him to keep pushing. He also tells us how much he loves Pepperberry Steak, which is also fantastic. 

Q- So, tell us a bit about yourself?


I am a Physical Training Instructor in the Air Force and have recently been posted to Canberra. I compete in CrossFit and have qualified for CrossFit Games Pacific Regionals 2015, 2016 and now also 2017 which will be held in May. I also play Rugby League for the Air Force. I like staying active and playing new sports.

Q- How did you end up getting into Crossfit? 


I was playing Rugby League semi-professionally at the time I found CrossFit. At first, it was just a way to train functionally to help improve my footy fitness. From there I started to enjoy it, and my competitive side took over where I wanted to master all aspects of CrossFit. From there I never looked back!

''My advice for anyone want to start or compete in CrossFit is to find yourself a good coach/mentor who can lead you on the right path and to be patient when learning CrossFit.''

Q- What do you feel is the best aspect of training that way? 


When CrossFit is done correctly with good technique and proper coaching it is an excellent way to become functionally fit and improve general health and well-being. For me, I like CrossFit because there is always something to improve on, whether it be strength training, conditioning, or gymnastics. There will never be a time where I walk into the gym and not have some weakness to work on.

Q- Can you talk us through your current philosophy on diet and nutrition?


I like to eat a clean, fresh and nutritious diet. Most of my diet comes from chicken, beef, salmon, sweet potato, rice and lots of greens. I'll always have a Gym Meals Direct meal for lunch and dinner with eggs, oats and fruits for between those meals. My favourite Gym Meals meal is the Pepperberry Steak and sweet potato!


Q- What are some of the biggest misconceptions you feel people have when it comes to Crossfit?


I think there are a couple of common misconceptions in regards to CrossFit.

One is that you have to be fit to start CrossFit, which is entirely not true. Everything in CrossFit can be scaled to suit any person's abilities and needs.

The second is that CrossFit uses 'poor form'. This is also a common misconception. When choosing a CrossFit gym, do your research make sure the coaches are credible and make sure you take your time learning technique before moving on to a heavier weight or more complex movement.



Q-Who or what inspires you?                                              

I think this is a really hard question. There are lots of athletes I look up to regarding their athletic ability. But, people who have come from nothing or overcame some hurdle to become successful in whatever chosen field - they inspire me.                                                                                                          

Q-What are your current goals for the future?


My current goal for the future is to qualify for the World CrossFit Games held in the US.



Q-Any advice for anyone looking to get into Crossfit and compete? 


My advice for anyone want to start or compete in CrossFit is to find yourself a good coach/mentor who can lead you on the right path and to be patient when learning CrossFit. There are so many different things to learn and it's not all going to come together at once so be patient and practice.

If you want to see more from Joel and follow his journey, check him out on Instagram.

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