Interview With Gym Meals Athlete -Liz Craven

Interview With Gym Meals Athlete -Liz Craven

We at Gym Meals would like to extend a warm welcome to our latest sponsored athlete, Liz Craven. 

Liz is an inspiring and driven human being, who juggles the time constraints of being a mother, with being one of the best powerlifters in the World, in her class. On top of this, she also coaches fellow athletes helping them achieve more in the sport.

Liz has also recently got together with some other local Canberra powerlifters and opened an amazing powerlifting gym, The Strength Syndicate. So if you are thinking about getting into the sport or you are looking for some expert coaching from a supportive community, check them out. 

To introduce Liz to the team and to find out what drives her, how she got into the sport and how she juggles all her responsibilities, we asked her a few questions! 

Q: So, tell us a bit about yourself?


My name is Liz Craven. I am a mother, a gym owner ( The Strength Syndicate), I run a clothing company (Weights and Mates), I am a full-time coach and a full-time athlete. I'm a reformed party girl, so I'm making up for my lost 20's by doing as much as I possibly can, with the time I have left. I'm time poor, but I love being busy. 😊


Q: How did you get into powerlifting?


After having Abigail (my daughter), I wanted to get strong again. I went to see a coach and he told me my numbers were good enough to get to nationals. I thought "why not?", and did a comp five months after giving birth. I got to nationals, and from there I was hooked. The community was so supportive and fun. I came from CrossFit, so this appealed to me. I also hated cardio, so even better hahaha. 


Q: So, how do you structure your training week?


I'm at the point where I can lift heavy most training sessions. I squat bench and deadlift four times a week (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday). These session's take about 3.5-4hours at a time, then I also do two days of accessories for about 1.5hours at a time (Wednesday/Saturday).


People try to rush getting strong. Then get frustrated and either hurt themselves or leave. It's a sport that takes a lifetime. Put your head down, learn your form and be in it for the long haul.


Q: What’s your general philosophy on diet and nutrition for powerlifting?


I believe that to get strong you have to eat well. Good fuel is essential for energy during training and recovery. I use to eat all kinds of things that didn't help. I eat about 5 Gym Meals a day, 3 of them are chicken or steak with sweet potato or rice and veggies. These taste amazing, and I can cater it to what I am doing at the time (cutting weight for a comp etc). Plus, now I save a lot a time cooking. Which is really important when you are time poor haha. 


Q: Who or what inspires you to keep going in the sport?



I am obsessed with getting better. I want to see how far I can push this and what I can create. I never give up. Right now I'm very inspired by David Ricks, he just competed as an open lifter at the age of 57, got a lifetime total PB (personal best) and came second to the amazing Jesse Norris, but damn it was close.


Q: What are your goals for the future of powerlifting?


I'm going for a possible 3 World records at Oceania. Squat, deadlift, and total. 
I also want to be World Champion.
I'm currently number 3 in the World.

Q: What do you find the biggest mistake people make in the sport is?


People try to rush getting strong. Then get frustrated and either hurt themselves or leave. It's a sport that takes a lifetime. Put your head down, learn your form and be in it for the long haul. It's worth it and you learn a lot about yourself along the way. 

If you want to follow Liz and keep up with her powerlifting journey, follow her here: 

If you are interested in the training with Liz or the other coaches, check out more on The Strength Syndicate here: 


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