How To Squat, Benchpress And Deadlift: The Best Guides From The Internet

How To Squat, Benchpress And Deadlift: The Best Guides From The Internet

Squatting, deadlifting and bench pressing well is a lifelong pursuit. At first glance, these lifts seem straightforward enough, but after years of performing them on a weekly basis, one comes to realise that there is a lot more to them. You never perfect them, you just strive to get better and better at them. Well, at least you should want to keep better and better. 

Even if you think you have these lifts nailed, you should still constantly seek improvement.  This is done through constantly learning and then applying that knowledge in the gym. 

This week we have found the best how-to's and tutorials the internet has to offer and put them all in one place. You can now brush up on the fundamentals, and learn some more tips and tricks when it comes to executing these crucial lifts. 

The Squat 

Out of all three, the squat is the lift that is consistently performed incorrectly in gyms. Go to any mainstream gym in Australia, and you will see people squatting 1/5th of the way with too much weight. You will see severe 'butt wink', poor bar positioning and other recipes for disaster. The squat is the king of lower body exercise and takes a lot of work to get right to avoid injury down the track. Let us take a look.

Jonnie Candito - How To Squat With Proper Form 

Jonnie Candito from is a powerlifter who is well-known in the Internet lifting community for his strength, youtube channel, free programs and coaching services. When it comes to lifting, he know's what he is talking about. 

This very short two minute, informative video, covers the fundamentals of bar position, packing your shoulders, knee position and some common mistakes people make. It's quite obvious the video wasn't directed by Steven Speilberg but it is worth the watch. 

Brett Gibbs - How To Squat Basics

Brett Gibbs is a world champion, record holding powerlifter from New Zealand, as you will probably tell from the accent. Here is a video from his youtube channel on performing the squat. 

In this video, as the title suggests, he covers squatting basics. With topics like warming up, where to look, elbow position, and a lot of the handy cues he has picked up along his journey to being a world champion.  

Greg Nuckols And Omar Isuf - How To Squat, The Lifting Lyceum



This is the one seminar available on youtube from the Greg Nuckols and Omar Isuf's collaboration the Lifting Lyceum. For those that don't know, Omar Isuf is a popular youtube celebrity who has some informative/funny videos and also sells cool t-shirts. Greg has a website called, which is probably the most informative website on the planet when it comes to the science of strength training. He is also a well-accomplished powerlifter who has held various records in the sport. 

This video is beyond comprehensive and takes things to the next level. It covers everything from biomechanics, glute activation, bracing and everything in-between and more. You want find anything more in-depth on the internet regarding this topic. It's on another level.

The Deadlift

While it may seem like just bend over, pick something up and then put it back down again, the deadlift is much more complicated. If not performed correctly, the deadlift can book you a one-way ticket to snap city and joining the bulged disc club. So it's imperative that it is done right. The deadlift is really the ultimate measure of strength.

Jonnie Candito - How To Deadlift With Proper Form


 Jonnie Candito does it again this time for the deadlift. It is short and straight to the point covering setting up, upper back tightness, positioning and execution. A lot of great points condensed into two and a half minutes. 

Layne Norton - Teaches You How To Deadlift

Accomplished powerlifter, Doctor, coach and pro natural bodybuilder Layne Norton provides a comprehensive guide to deadlifting in this video. Layne really goes into the finer points of the lift, covering all aspects from start to finish and importantly, the reasons behind them. This video is a little bit more in-depth, being just shy of twenty minutes long. 

Brett Gibbs - THE DEADLIFT: Complete breakdown

So IPF 83kg world champion is back again, but this time to explain the deadlift. Unlike the previous video of four minutes, this one is much more in-depth spanning twenty minutes. In this video, Brett replicates the talks that he provides and delivers some awesome tips and cues for setting up and getting those extra kilos out of your deadlift. 

The Bench

The bench is the staple lift and what most people use as an indicator of strength. ''How much do you bench?'' are words that get thrown around a gym or sporting teams. Despite the popularity of this lift as a true measure of strength, it is often performed incorrectly in gyms. Half reps and crappy positions that just obliterate the shoulders and form extremely bad habits. A few small tweaks and you can save yourself a lifetime of pain and add a few kilos to your bench in no time. 

Jonnie Candito - How to Bench Press

Jonnie Candito comes in for the hat-trick, this time for the bench press. His short and informative videos cover the fundamentals of each lift and this one is no exception. In this, he covers shoulder blades, back arches and elbow positioning. All the key things that are often overlooked and can instantly jack up your bench when rectified. 

Layne Norton - How To Bench Press: Layne Norton's Complete Guide

Dr Layne Norton is making a return, this time talking us through the bench press. As Layne explains at the start of this video, he has a personal history with this lift and performing it incorrectly which resulted in him tearing his pec. After this, Layne made it his mission to learn as much as he could about performing the lift incorrectly. He now has some great knowledge to impart on us and provides a comprehensive breakdown of every aspect of this lift.  

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