These 3 Innovative Websites Will Help You In The Gym, Use Them!

These 3 Innovative Websites Will Help You In The Gym, Use Them!

In 2016 I wrote an article on 3 of the greatest fitness a Apps I would recommend. The apps mentioned in are still fantastic recommendations, and I use them every day, especially the App Strong, which ensures consistent progression with the volume tracking feature. 

Today I thought I would have a look at what websites are useful. There are a lot of fitness based websites out there that just spew out garbage and aren't useful - but what exists today that is innovative that adds value and helps in the gym and life? 

Let us take at 3 sites that I have found value in.

Avatar Nutrition



Avatar Nutrition is a web-based, nutrition and dieting coaching service. 

The magic of this web-site comes from the collaboration of CEO Mark Springer who had a vision of creating a product that helped people get their diet's right and coach, PhD powerlifter and pro natural powerlifter Layne Norton. Layne has been helping thousands of clients do this over a decade, and has the knowledge to make it happen. They are accompanied by a team of experienced coaches and writers in the same field.  

Essentially, the web-site takes the flexible, scientific approach to dieting that Layne has been advocating and providing through his coaching and in his articles, and brings it to a web-site that everyone can use and benefit from. 

Avatar provides you with an algorithm that makes changes to the amount of protein, carbs, and fats you need to consume on a daily basis, based on the changes in your weight and body fat you input and track - just like a coach would. 

Since its launch, Avatar Nutrition has received a lot of positive feedback from clients and has a whole heap of testimonials from users. Here are some of the main features of the site:


Key Features:

  • Creates custom macronutrient targets for you, based off an algorithm created by leading researchers in the field of nutritional science. 
  • Adjusts your macronutrient targets based on your body's adaptations and keeps you on target to achieve your goals. 
  • Contains in-depth and informative articles and training videos. 
  • Tracks your progress in real-time. 



This web-site is for the person who wants a scientific and flexible approach to achieving their body composition goals, without the guess work involved doing it yourself. It's well worth the $10 USD a month for access to all this knowledge most pay coaches hundreds, if not thousands for. 

Cost: $9.99 USD per month. 

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ROMWOD is a web-based program that provides daily instructional videos that you follow along with. These videos provide you with movements and stretches that are designed to increase your range of motion (ROM) and flexibility. 

ROMWOD gets its name from 'range of motion' (ROM) and workout of the day (WOD). The web-site is the brainchild of two brothers, Jeremiah and Daniel Head. Jeremiah has a solid background in CrossFit, owning a gym himself himself and his brother Daniel owns a Yoga studio and has an extensive background in martial arts.

The videos that ROMWOD provides a series of different stretching positions that are done one-after-the-other. The routines in the videos take around 20 minutes on average to complete - with some even going up to 50 minutes. 

The whole concept of ROMWOD is pretty fing cool. It is a modern interpretation of yoga, but the positions and routines are specifically adapted to improve range of motion for strength athletes - in particular, CrossFit. 

On the site, you can filter the workouts to ones that are designed to improve range of motion in specific movements such as deadlifts or squats. Or you can choose it by muscle groups that are tight, i.e., lower back or hamstrings - which is a cool feature! 

Key Features:


  • Provides you with 100's of routines designed to increase your range of motion that require on average 20 minutes per day to complete. 
  • You can filter these to accommodate specific goals, such as lifts that need extra work, or certain areas that are extra tight.
  • New videos added on a weekly basis. 


If you are looking at improving your mobility, range of motion or athletic performance - this web-site is perfect. The videos are easy to follow along with, and the filter options are ideal for customising. I have recently started using this myself, and I am feeling great. 

Cost: $13.95 USD per month. 

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Fitocracy is workout tracking App you can access online or through the App stores, with a few cool spins. 

Fitocracy has been around for awhile - since 2010. Fitocracy provides a whole new way of tracking your workouts. It is essentially a game where each time you punch in your workout you receive points, gain badges and achieve goals. While a feature like this could really easily be lame, Fitocracy has pulled it off, and it is actually pretty cool. 

On top of being a game where you track your workout, Fitocracy also acts as a health and fitness based social networking site. You can follow friends, join groups, and post status updates. 

Fitocracy is free, but it also has a paid feature where you can get paid online coaching. 

Key Features: 

  • The App contains a large database of exercises and provides you with a great platform to track your workouts. 
  • Provides you with a great fitness community to keep you accountable and share information. 
  • Has a paid coaching feature with nutritional plans and programs if that is up your ally. 
  • Makes exercise fun by doing quests, gaining points and getting badges. 


If you want a new way to be accountable and track your workout, while being part of a community - this is the App for you. 

Cost: FREE

Sign up here --> or get the App from your app store. 

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