Change Your Life Motivational Videos: The Best From The Internet

Change Your Life Motivational Videos: The Best From The Internet

Motivation can be something we all struggle at times to find, so here's a big dose. 

Whether it's work, school, gym or business we can all do with a bit more. And whatever the source of this motivation, it can be transferred to other areas of our life. 

Here we have compiled the best videos from the internet, to motivate and inspire you - not just in the gym, but in every aspect of your life.

As you will agree, these videos come from a variety of sources, some of them unlikely, but the messages contained within them aren't just designed to get you up off the couch and into the gym for one workout like most 'Gym motivation'. These are life-long messages. 

Joe Rogan - Haters As Source Of Inspiration 


This is my all time favourite. For those that don't know, Joe Rogan is a comedian/UFC commentator, who hosts one of the greatest and most popular podcasts on the planet The Joe Rogan Experience

This particular video is an exert from a podcast with regular guest Bryan Callen. 

In it, they discuss the power of not adopting a 'hater' mentality when others around become successful and using it instead as one of the most powerful sources of inspiration to be better. To use it and realise you're not living up to your potential. 

Check it out! 

*Warning, it contains swearing


Steve Job's - Stanford Commencement Speech

The fact that you are more-than-likely using an Apple product to view this right now, means there's something that Steve Job's can teach us about life. 

Steve Job's was known for his perfectionism, so it's understandable that when he was asked to do the Stanford commencement speech in 2005, it was brilliant.

Steve Job's tells three stories from his life that taught him his greatest lessons. He deals with joining the dots in your life and finding what you love. 

It's long, but it's a great way to spend 15 minutes and more than worth it. 

Eric Thomas - How Bad Do You Want It? 

Eric Thomas, aka the 'Hip hop preacher' aka Dr Eric Thomas is a man oozing passion. Much more in the traditional vein of motivational videos, he gets straight to the point and gets you fired up to go after whatever you want in life in the most unsubtle fashion.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Motivational Speech

If there was one man who epitomises success in bodybuilding and life it's Arnold. Arnold has been successful in many different areas, each time subject to criticism and against all odds.

In this video, Arnold talks about the mindset that got him to all these places in life and about not fearing failure. 

Coach Carter - Our Deepest Fear

There have been some classic motivational and inspirational speeches that arise from movies. There a few better scenes than this short but sharp speech from the feel-good classic Coach Carter. 

The Pursuit Of Happiness - Don't Let Anybody Tell You

The inspirational gem of a scene from Will Smith's The Pursuit Of Happiness really tugs at the heart strings. 

In this, Will Smith's character imparts to his son a valuable life lesson about protecting your dreams, despite the misgivings of others. 

Rocky Balboa Speech - Nothing Hits Harder Than Life

Whether it's Eye Of The Tiger encouraging you to run stairs in a grey hoodie, or The Final Countdown making you want to workout in the snow chopping logs and dragging sleds the Rocky movies have motivated many over the years.

 In this speech, Rocky delivers some classic inspiration and motivation, from his softer side. He educates his son on the brutality of life and standing up for who you are. 

Any Given Sunday - Pre-Game Speech

Last but not least. 

You cannot talk about motivational speeches and not include this speech from the sporting feel-good classic Any Given Sunday. And who better to deliver such an amazing piece of rhetoric than Al Pacino. 


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